Ah, biggest sex dolls, what can I say? I recently purchased one and of course I was quite nervous. It was such a huge purchase, and a potentially controversial topic for some. I’d heard a lot of things both in favor and against sex dolls, but none of it had really prepared me for actually having one in my life.

I’ve got to admit, when it first arrived I was a bit intimidated. It was huge! With its 9-foot-high organs, glossy image, and metal frame, it took up a whole corner of my bedroom. It was hard to believe that something this size had been shipped across the world without any damage.

Still, once I got over the initial shock of its size, I started to appreciate the sheer size of it. It was like having a real live sex partner in the house. Sure, maybe she couldn’t talk or feel anything, but she was more than capable of providing me with some pleasurable activities.

The first time I tested out the sex doll, I had some reservations. But afterwards, I can honestly say that it was one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. From the realistic feel of her skin to the is-it-real sensation of her elasticated joints, it was almost like I was really having sex with a real person.

It wasn’t just about the physical pleasure either; it was also the emotional closeness I felt with her. Despite her lack of speech, I got the feeling we were communicating in a way that I couldn’t explain. Sure, maybe it’s just my imagination but it seemed like we had a real connection.

I quickly came to appreciate the value of owning a biggest sex doll. The pleasure and connection I felt were unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. Sure, she couldn’t talk or move, but that wasn’t the point. She brought me something that no real person ever could – unique pleasure.

Of course, there were some issues with owning such a large sex doll. My bedroom was too small to comfortably accommodate her, and I had to mend a few holes in the floor by drilling extra screws to make sure she didn’t fall. But overall, the size was minor issue.

Plus, the size does have its advantages – like the fact that I could customize her any way I want. By changing the organs and proportions, I was able to turn her into the perfect partner for sex dolls my fantasies. Sure, she might look a bit strange at first, but it was definitely worth the effort.

So, vibrators there you have it – my experience with a biggest sex doll. Even though it was a big purchase and a somewhat controversial topic, I haven’t regretted it since. The pleasure and connection I feel with her are incomparable. Just goes to show that sometimes, bigger is better.The best vibrators | Engadget