beat male.​masturbator

Masturbation has become part of our culture.​ For many men, it has become an automatic response when faced with sexual urges.​ But as with any kind of habit, too much masturbation can start to take a toll on our physical and mental health.​ That’s why I decided to try out a beat male masturbator.​

My journey started off with a ton of research.​ I wanted to make sure I was choosing a product that would be safe to use and provide the best possible experience.​ After scouring the internet for reviews, I eventually settled on the popular Beat male masturbator.​

On first glance, it seemed like a pretty solid tool.​ Compared to regular masturbators I have used in the past, the Beat was made from much higher quality materials.​ It also came with a few options for temperature setting, which was a great shock resistance feature.​

When I used the Beat, the experience was completely different than regular masturbation.​ Thestroker’s shape was smooth, and I found it to be quite comfortable.​ But the most impressive feature was the powerful vibrating motor.​ As soon as I turned it on, there was a noticeable intensification in pleasure.​ My senses felt alert like never before, and the overall experience was highly enjoyable.​

I am a bit of an experimenter, so I decided to pair the toy with some of my favorite lubricants.​ My options included water-based, original, andur-based lubricants.​ The positive thing is that the Beat could work with each of them, which really enhanced the experience for me.​

Being able to adjust the speed and intensity was a huge plus.​ With each setting, I could feel my body intensely responding to the sensations.​ This level of control also allowed me to build up to an explosive release.​

With the Beat, I could finally achieve the kind of climax I had been longing for.​ The gear I had been using in the past worked to some extent, but nothing comes close to the level of satisfaction I got from the Beat.​ It truly made each session feel like a whole new kind of pleasure.​

After using the Beat for a few weeks, I can safely say that investing in one was one of the best decisions I have ever made.​ Even though I still use my regular toys, sex dolls I feel that nothing compares to the Beat when it comes to producing the ultimate experience.​

Now for the next part, let’s talk about ways to get the most out of Beat.​ First off, always make sure to use a high-quality lubricant.​ The toy itself is lubricant resistant so a few drops will go a long way.​ Second, prepare to experiment by trying out different settings and patterns.​ The toughest part of using any vibrator is finding what works best for your body.​ Lastly, don’t hesitate to up the intensity step by step.​ By starting off low and gradually increasing the speed, you can unlock some intense sensations.​

To enhance the experience, I have also started using the Beat with my favorite toys.​ Now I can truly harness the power of the stroker’s motor and combine it with one’s I already own.​

I started using the Beat with a silicone dildo and I have to say that the pairing was amazing.​ The sensation was truly unique as the vibrations were felt throughout the whole toy.​ It felt similar to thrusting, and it helped me achieve a level of pleasure I hadn’t felt before.​

Another great tip is to combine the Beat with sex toys that have three motors.​ As a result, the vibrations will be distributed evenly throughout the toy and will provide the best sensation possible.​

It can also help to pair the Beat with sex toys that are curved and have rotational features.​ This way, each session can become a unique adventure and new sensations can be felt with each movement.​

To keep things interesting, I also like to switch between positions when using the Beat.​ Going from lying to standing can help spice up the experience and create some intense sensations.​ Especially when the position change enhances the sensations felt by the Beat.​

Finally, I always like to end with some hot water.​ Before and after each session, it always helps to take a warm shower to calm the senses down and relax the muscles.​

So that’s all about how I enjoy using the Beat male masturbator.​ I find the beat to be an incredibly powerful and versatile tool.​ Not only had I improved my pleasure but it also helped to build more intense arousal.​