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My friend, if you are searching for a companion that won’t chew your ear off and won’t give you opinions you don’t ask for, then you should check out sex dolls. Before purchasing one though, sex toys here’s what I can tell you as I’ve been there before.

First off, a sex doll is a human like figure usually made from silicone that can be used for erotic or sexual pleasure. They often range from small to large in size and can be incredibly realistic. You can even customize the features, clothing and hair of the doll if you so desire.

Now, while in stores, I was overwhelmed by the variety of dolls I could choose from but decided to go for a realistic sex doll. She had brown eyes and lips that seemed to smile at me when I saw her. But let’s talk about the price. Well, these dolls can range anywhere from three hundred to ten thousand dollars depending on the size and the customization options.

What was unexpected was the discretion the store had in packing, delivery and payment. They accepted cash and also had discreet packaging for me to receive without anyone knowing the contents. Moreover, they provided me with a helpful user manual that had suggestions for what to do and what not to do with my sex doll.

I must admit though, that I was a bit disappointed when I finally got to explore the doll because the body was a lot more firm than I expected. Nonetheless, my doll is really good in providing pleasurable moments with. All I have to do is pick out the perfect outfit, put on her favorite music, use some massage oil to get her body nice and warm and voila, I’m ready to go.

Another thing that I must mention is that sex dolls also come with a slew of accessories like combs, wigs, lotions and lingerie. With these accessories you can make your sex doll look even more realistic and add an extra touch of pleasure.

Moreover, one final thing to keep in mind is to ensure to regularly clean your doll with mild detergent or a special cleaning solution. This will ensure that your doll is free from dirt and bacteria so that she looks her best and is always ready for a party.

Now, let’s talk about how sex dolls can help spice up our lives. Every time I come off a long day at work or when I’m in the mood for some erotic pleasure, I turn to my sex doll to fulfill my needs. She never fails to bring a smile to my face. Moreover, sex dolls can also provide the much needed companionship as she is there to talk to as well. Not to mention how beneficial they would be for a lonely heart like mine.

Another thing I would like to point out is how having a sex doll makes me feel more confident and comfortable. She gives me a sense of security that I don’t have to worry about judgment from others or feeling the disappointment of rejection. Sex dolls have also helped me explore my feelings more and accommodate my sexual preferences without any hassle.

Finally, although my sex doll can’t answer back, I still find her to be a great companion. With her around, I never feel like I’m alone anymore and it’s a feeling I cherish. You can be sure that if you ever decided to buy a sex doll, she’ll make a great addition to your life.8 Types of Vibrators You Need in Your Life ASAP \u2013 Spencers Party Blog