I was invited to a fun ladies only sex toy party a few months ago and sex toys it got me wondering, can men attend adult women’s only sex toy parties? Well, after talking with some friends I got a better handle on the matter and wanted to tell you my story.

I’ve always been pretty curious about sex toy parties and had heard from a few friends that they could be really fun. So I was really excited when a good friend of mine asked me to come along to her lady’s only sex toy party.

I immediately asked her if my boyfriend could come too but she quickly said no – this was strictly for the ladies in her community. I was a little disappointed but I decided to go anyway and see what all the fuss was about.

I’m so glad I went! The atmosphere was great – everyone was relaxed and open to talking about sex and sex toys in a non-judgmental way. There was lots of laughter and dildos plenty of enthusiasm about all the toys and other products that were offered. It was really enjoyable getting to learn more about such an awesome range of products!

The funny thing was, I felt almost like I was at a baby shower, but without the awkwardness of pregnancy talk! Everyone was discussing and comparing different products and most people had bought at least one thing by the end of the evening.

But while I was having a blast, a few of my friends were asking me why men weren’t allowed at the party. I tried to explain that it was a private event for women and that it wasn’t really an issue since the whole point of these parties was to give women a safe space to talk about sex and sex toys in an open way.

The whole experience got me thinking: can men even attend adult women’s only sex toy parties if they’re invited? Technically the answer is yes, but there are a few key things to consider before doing so. Firstly, if your friend is really serious about providing an open atmosphere for all the women attending the party, then the best option is to ask them first before bringing your partner along. This is important to respect their wishes and keep everyone’s comfort level high.

Secondly, if you do decide to bring a partner, keep in mind that they’ll more than likely be excluded from the conversations. This could be hard for them, as men are typically very involved in conversations about sex and sex toys. Keep in mind that it’s not their place to step in or voice an opinion on the products since they won’t be the ones using them either.

And finally, remember that while a lot of people do try and be respectful and welcoming to everyone, there’s no guarantee that everyone will be warm and friendly to a male guest. So if you decide to bring your partner, it’s important you’re both prepared to accept that some people may not be too keen on this idea.

So in conclusion, yes men can attend women’s only sex toy parties with their partner – if the hostesses allows it -with some considerations.