do people take their sex toys on vacation when flying

Do you ever take your sex toys on vacation with you when you fly? It has become increasingly popular to do so!

When I was planning my first vacation abroad, I was so excited to explore a brand-new place with my partner. I started to wonder if I should pack a gift for him and me – a sex toy – and take it with us. We had never done that before. I started to research what others do and quickly realized that a lot of people take their sex toys on vacation with them!

At first, it seemed intimidating. We use sex toys in the comfort of our own home, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about using them in a foreign location. But then I remembered the saying “If you can’t take your sex toy with you, take the open-mindedness”! That changed my perception of the situation.

After looking at the different options for sex toys, I realized that some of them were very discreet and travel-friendly. These small and lightweight devices definitely started to appeal to me. Plus, we could have a lot more fun when using sex toys away from home, as there was less fear of being caught.

We eventually decided to buy a travel-friendly toy that we could use on our vacation. We got one that charged via USB, had multiple modes, and Penis Rings was very quiet. This way, we could use it in the comfort of our own hotel room. Much to my surprise, my partner was excited to try it out!

We took the sex toy on our vacation and had a lot of fun while exploring the new destination. I loved that we could have even more intimacy between us while using a sex toy, so much so that I’ve done the same thing for all of our vacations since.

It was really relaxing to use this sex toy in a foreign place. Not only did it help keep us very connected, but it also drew us deeper into the moment and enhanced our experience of the destination.

My partner and I quickly became a fan of using our sex toy on vacation after that first trip. We’ve been doing it ever since! Even when we don’t take a toy with us, we still bring some travel-friendly body products for use in our room. That serves to make the experience even better.

I’m now a huge advocate of bringing your sex toy along on your travels. It can provide such an intimate experience for couples, be it for a romantic getaway or a family holiday.

And I’m also a big believer that couples should take all the precautions possible when traveling with sex toys. For instance, I make sure to pack our devices in my suitcase, and I bring a separate bag for all the accessories and toys that may have to go through airport security scanners. That way, no one has to feel embarrassed and it minimizes the chances of any awkward encounters.

I’ve also had to learn to be a bit more proactive about charging our toys before we travel. That way, when we get to our destination, we can have a smooth start to the night.

Overall, I’m thankful for the extra level of intimacy and relaxation that the experience of taking a sex toy on our travels has brought us. It’s also been great for our relationship to have the opportunity to explore different options. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!