gains using a penis pump in one month

I’m sure you’ve heard about the penis pump and the amazing gains that can be seen in as little as one month.​ Well, I’ve been pumped up myself and I can tell you it’s no exaggeration.​ I mean, you can really feel like a different person in such a short amount of time!

My transition to life with the penis pump was smooth.​ After my initial research, I consulted with my doctor, who gave me the green light to use it.​ The pump itself is quite simple and easy to use.​ I just filled it up with water, and started to pump away (slowly at first)! After only a few minutes a day for four weeks, my results were clearly visible.​

My first noticeable difference was the increased size of my penis.​ It grew just enough to make me more confident in the bedroom and when walking around in my underwear.​ It felt like a confidence boost that I hadn’t ever had before.​ This gained confidence was great in that it was helping me become a better lover in other ways.​ I even noticed that it helped increase my stamina and helped with my orgasm control.​

The second benefit I noticed was the improved texture of my Penis Rings.​ It felt firmer, more elastic, and increased in strength.​ This was a great bonus since I had issues with losing my erection during sexual intercourse before the pump.​ Additionally, this also increased my sexual pleasure as the sensation felt more intense.​

Thanks to the penis pump, I was feeling great and more confident than ever in the bedroom.​ I also noticed that it helped with recovery time after sex.​ It reduced the chances of me becoming sore after sex toys and increased my desire for more intense sessions.​

And finally, I experienced better orgasms with the penis pump.​ The sensation in my penis felt much more powerful and intense with each stroke.​ My overall satisfaction in the bedroom improved as it felt like I was treated like a king more than ever before.​

It’s been four weeks since I started to use the penis pump and I’m really pleased with the results.​ I would definitely recommend the penis pump if you’re looking to see gains in size and texture in an incredibly short amount of time.​ It’s life-changing!

For those considering using the penis pump, let me share my insight.​

Firstly, prepare yourself for the results.​ For me, it met and exceeded my expectations.​ The gains were not just physical, but emotional too.​ In terms of the physical transformation, it felt like a wave of huge improvement right across my penis.​

Secondly, I would say take the time to get familiar with the pump mechanism.​ It’s not too complicated, you just have to ensure you are using it correctly.​ If you’re not sure, there is an abundance of instructional videos and tutorials online.​

Thirdly, use lube! The penis pump is quite powerful and using lube helps you get started smoothly.​ The pleasure you will get when you use the pump with a lubricant will be much greater.​

Fourthly, take it easy.​ Initially, I was too eager with how much pressure I was using.​ I later discovered that too much strength can actually damage the tissue in your penis.​

Lastly, stay consistent.​ Try to use it for at least three weeks (four is even better) and take one day off.​ That way, your body will be able to respond to it and give the desired results.​

After your penis pump gains have been made, the next logical question is maintenance.​ I took steps to boost my newly acquired gains.​ Firstly I researched which supplements I could take to maintain the gains.​ Secondly I adjusted my diet to be able to sustain the gains with healthy food, and looking for natural ingredients at the same time.​ Thirdly I tried to work on all the other aspects that will help me maintain a healthy erection, like exercise and meditation.​

Another tip for keeping your newfound gains in check is to try different exercises.​ I found that combining the penis pump with other exercises like jelqing and stretching helps to keep the gains.​ This way, your body will be receiving beneficial overall strength training and what will you get in return? Increased strength, improved circulation, and long-term gains!

I also tried to cut down on alcohol and nicotine, as both can hinder healthy, strong erections.​ Additionally, I tried to stay away from porn and masturbation as much as possible since my body was used to getting quick gratification and it required time and patience to be able to adjust to the new training regime.​

Finally, I believe it’s important to use the penis pump consistently over time.​ This shape and size gain is not permanent and your body won’t stay as it is if you don’t keep up the good habits.​

It’s been one month and my gains with the penis pump are still there.​ I feel more confident in my body and I have improved my performance in the bedroom in that short time.​ I think that, given the right commitment, the penis pump can bring amazing results and make you feel like a brand new person.​