how do you clean sex dolls

Out of habit, even before my first experience with a sex doll, I was still very aware that sanitation was top priority. It’s all fun and games until someone brings home something they regret. So for me, learning how to thoroughly clean a sex doll was an imperative part of the entire process.

First and foremost, I wanted to make sure I collected all the right supplies needed beforehand. You will need some quality antibacterial wipes or cleaning sprays, a few soft washcloths, a few towels, some soft baby wipes, and maybe even some mild soap. Have everything ready and within reach before starting.

Once you’re sure you’ve gathered all the necessary cleaning supplies, it’s time to start. I always start at the head and work my way down. With a gentle hand, I would wipe the face and head of the doll lightly with a soft washcloth and some warm water. For sensitive areas, like the face, I would also give it a light going over with the baby wipes. Anywhere the doll has crevices or folds, I would take extra care to make sure I got into the nooks and crannies to avoid any bacteria buildup.

Next, I’d shift my attention to the torso. Once again, starting at the head and taking my time working my way down. I’d lightly pass the washcloth and antibacterial cleaning spray over the doll, making sure I give it plenty of attention in areas like the armpits, neck, and chest, as enough time should be devoted for a full cleaning.

Once the torso is taken care of, I slowly move my attention to the doll’s extremities. Washing the arms and legs is easy enough. And, with a little extra time and care, you can make sure any creases or folds at the wrists and ankles remain free of dirt and bacteria.

Finally, I move to the doll’s privates. I’m diligent here. Not just because I want to make sure it’s squeaky clean, but also to make sure no area goes untouched or unfazed by the cleaning supplies. Using a new washcloth and antibacterial spray, I make sure the folds, creases, and surrounding areas are all taken care of top to bottom.

After a thorough cleaning, I always make sure to air dry the doll. This is something you must do so that no bacteria or mold sets in; I speak from experience. Leaving damp area on your doll can cause all kinds of damage, from mold and bacteria, to even skin discoloration.

Now that I’ve given my doll a proper cleaning, it’s time for the fun stuff. Many of us have heard about, or even tried, all different kinds of lubricants and oils in the market; but for added pleasure, I always opt for warm wax massages. This adds a new element to our sexual experience as the warm wax not only relaxes the doll, but me as well. Plus, who doesn’t like a good massage?

A proper and thorough cleaning routine for your sex doll is vital for its preservation and maintenance. I’m not a clean freak by any means, but when it comes to keeping my doll in optimum condition, sex toys I take extra care to make sure it’s done right. And fun fact, the more often you clean it, the less time it takes.

Because, apart from the obvious hygiene reasons, taking proper care of your doll is important. Not only will it ensure you have a positive experience when interacting with it, but it will ensure that the enjoyment persists for many years to come.

A few other things I’ve picked up over the years to keep my doll in top shape are storing it in an area with temperature control, as extreme temperatures can do some damage. You should also dust it regularly, and i f it’s a human-like or realistic doll, you may even want to invest in some shower gel as part of your routine. In terms of products you should avoid, I’d recommend steering clear from talcum powder, as it may permanently discolor some of the “skin” on the doll.

Although taking care of a sex doll is no child’s play, it has gotten easier with time, as I’ve gotten more adept at the entire process. And, at the end of the day, I can kiss my doll goodnight, safe in the knowledge that I’ve done something good. That’s always a great feeling.

Nowadays, I’m more aware of what I can and should do to ensure not only a great experience simply playing with the sex doll, but also to ensure its longevity. So when the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to invest in a purpose made cleaning regimen for my doll. I soon discovered that there were a variety of purpose made cleaning and care kits available to ensure a long and healthy living for our synthetic lover.

The specifics of the kits vary from brand to brand, but in general they include everything from antibacterial wipes and cleaning sprays, to even cloth wipes which are safe to use on the doll’s skin. In addition to these, you’ll also find mild soaps and shampoos, as well as special drying agents, powder, and lubricants.

Having a cleaning kit designed specifically for sex dolls is quite convenient, as it allows you to have the right products for every sort of surface your doll might have. Plus, you’ll also reduce the risk of accidentally using a product that is far too abrasive for the doll’s sensitive “skin”.

The cleaning process is relatively simple, with one caveat; pay attention to the product instructions. Many of these cleaning kits come with very specific instructions for how to go about using each of the products; for example it could be a good idea to avoid some products on the doll’s face, as it could cause some irritation to sensitive skin.

Apart from this, it’s good to continue with your usual cleaning routine, like air drying the doll after it’s been washed, and keeping it away from hard surfaces when not in use, to avoid damages.

The last step of your cleaning process is also the most important; storage. Make sure that wherever you decide to store your doll, it is dry and free from moisture. Moisture can also create mold and bacteria, as can extreme temperatures. So if you store your doll in a basement or attic, make sure you regulate both the temperature and humidity in the room.

These are all great tips to keep in mind when maintaining your sex doll, and if you apply them properly, you will ensure its longevity and full blown fun. The cleaning routine isn’t time consuming, and the payoff is well worth the effort. When you finish, you’ll have a pristine sex doll, ready to accompany you on whatever adventures you may so desire.