how to clean a soft toy male masturbator

Let me tell you something my friend, cleaning a soft toy male masturbator is no easy feat! Before you take it to the sink to scrub it off with your magical sponges, there are a few things you should know.​

First off, you must never use any soap or detergent on the material.​ It can damage the product and make it less hygienic.​ Opt for a gentle toy cleaner instead.​ Spray it over the surface and leave it for a few minutes to do its job.​ Rinse it off with lukewarm water and let it dry.​ Be sure to clean the nooks and crannies where dirt can build up.​

Second, rinse the masturbator thoroughly.​ To cover more area, it is best to use cotton balls or cotton swabs.​ Pay extra attention to the plastic seams and joints to avoid dirt residue.​ Make sure every part of the masturbator is clean before placing it away.​

Third, spray the surface of the toy with antibacterial spray.​ This will reduce the risk of infection and keep it clean from bacteria.​ Wipe it down with a tissue paper to complete the process.​

Fourth, store the masturbator in a dry and dark place.​ Keeping it away from direct sunlight will help to prevent discoloration and degradation of the material.​ It would be wise to keep your toy in a zip-lock bag too to protect it from moisture build up.​

Finally, inspect the masturbator regularly.​ Check for tears and sex dolls rips in the silicone lining, as well as cracks and crevices which enable dirt and bacteria to accumulate.​ Making sure to replace it once needed will ensure it is safe to use.​

It can be tough work to keep your soft toy male masturbator clean and hygienic, but it’s definitely worth it! A good hygiene practice will give you a more enjoyable experience with this special toy.​

Now, let’s move on to the next four sections of five paragraphs:

Number One: To care for your toy properly, always make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions.​ Depending on the material, the cleaning process may differ.​ So, a thorough read-through on the usage and dildos cleaning instructions of your toy will avoid any accidents or problems.​

Number Two: Before using your toy with a partner, it is important to always wash it with the same cleaning steps listed above.​ This will prevent any skin irritation or allergic reactions due to dirt and bacteria.​ Make sure your toy is sanitized properly to ensure your pleasure and safety.​

Number Three: Want to make sure your toy is still in top condition after cleaning? It is important to keep track of regular check-ups.​ Make sure to quickly inspect your toy for any signs of wear and tear.​ Check for tears, discoloration, fractures, or lumps.​ Generally, a yearly inspection is good practice to ensure your favourite toy works just as you remember it.​

Number Four: Even with the latest and greatest cleaning process, bacteria and fungi can still be found on soft toy male masturbators.​ If you’re looking for extra precautions, you can always soak your toy in a solution of water and vinegar.​ This will enable you to give it an additional cleaning without worrying about any product damage.​

So, my friend, as you can see, there are many different ways of keeping a soft toy male masturbator clean and hygienic.​ Don’t be afraid to get creative with these methods.​ After all, a toy is only as useful as it is pleasurable, and if yours isn’t kept in tip-top condition, it definitely won’t make any waves! All it takes is a bit of effort and attentiveness, and you’ll ensure your pleasure for years to come.​ Happy cleaning!