how to into couple

My best friend and her husband had the best relationship I had ever seen. They were passionate, deeply connected and loved each other immensely. Despite being the envy of everyone around us, they lacked something in their sex life. They wanted to reignite the fire in their bedroom and incorporate something fun and new into their love making. That’s when I suggested they explore sex toys.

I’d heard about couples using sex toys to pleasure each other, but had never seen it in action, until my friends. After trying it out, they shared with me how they’d transformed their sex life. It was like being transformed to a whole new world!

Their favorite toy was a vibrator. At first, they used it on each other by going slow and steady, and then gradually increasing the intensity. They would both take turns and enjoy the pleasure it brought. They said it was incredibly stimulating, and they felt so connected afterwards!

After that, they started using handcuffs to add more excitement to the bedroom. They said it was fun and made them feel like they were becoming closer and more in tune. The added thrill certainly appealed to both of them and made the experience even more erotic and enjoyable.

The couple even explored experimenting with lubricants and anal toys. Even though it was a little daunting at first, they felt incredibly adventurous and wanted to try something different and fun. Overall, my friends said their sex life had become more exciting and was better than ever before!

They had so much fun with sex toys and it really did bring something special to their relationship. I was so happy to see how passionate and in love they were with each other after this. Seeing them get pleasure from these new experiences was so amazing, and sex toys I couldn’t help but feel joyous.

Now, my friends have become pros when it comes to sex toys. They’ve even recommended some for me to try out with my partner! However, they did emphasize the importance of discussing boundaries before trying anything out, so that everyone is comfortable and the experience is enjoyable for both partners.