I’m a huge fan of lubricants – especially when it comes to male masturbation.​ The thing is, there’s this stigma around male masturbation in general, or at least, there used to be.​ But now that everybody’s talking openly about it, I think it’s become more of a topic that people can talk about.​

I’m no stranger to this – I’ve been using lubricants for male masturbation for almost a decade now.​I made the jump from the old tried and vibrators tested saliva technique in a bid to upgrade my session.​ Man, let me tell you, it is totally worth it.​

Sure, saliva works – as a teenager I guess it’s your first go-to option.​ But as the years progressed and the matter is no longer shrouded in shame, it became apparent that lubricants for male masturbation were the way forward.​ That tropical climate you create with saliva? Yeah, you can replicate that with appropriate lubes too.​

The thing I love about lubes is the feeling.​ The way they glide and feel on your skin.​ It’s like a lubrication system – as soon as lube is applied, the sensation is different.​ Beyond that, I feel that knowing that the lube is a water-based product gives you added security.​ Plus, it washes off easily.​

I’ve tried a few lubes over the years, and let me be honest with you, some of them don’t quite make the grade.​ There are a number of criteria that I look out for when choosing a lube – it has to be long-lasting for a start.​ Nobody wants to have to stop mid-stroke and go hunting for a bottle of lubricant.​ It also has to be safe to use.​ It’s when I find these two qualities that I know I’m onto a winner.​

The one lubricant I can never do without is Gold Lube.​ It’s perfect for male masturbation for its consistency and texture.​ It’s even better if you warm it up before use.​ It has a thick and creamy texture and it’s great for a longer session.​

That’s just some of my thoughts when it comes to lubes for male masturbation.​ Ultimately, you should go with what feels right for you and choose the lube that fits into your criteria.​

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that lubes can be game-changers.​ There’s nothing quite like the sensation you get when you start running lube down your shaft.​ It’s even better if you run it down between your fingers, from the base of your shaft to the tips of your fingers.​ This creates a kind of “climbing” sensation and can be quite stimulating.​

Something else that lubricants can do is increase the blood flow throughout your body.​ This can result in a more intense experience.​ The increased blood flow also means that it takes longer for you to reach orgasm, and when you do, it’s likely to be a much stronger one.​

Lubricants can also add a level of comfort to your experience.​ Since you’re not having to use your saliva, there’s no ground friction happening.​ There’s no need to be constantly reapplying saliva to your hands, which can be quite annoying.​

At the end of the day, vibrators lubricants for male masturbation are a great way to add pleasure and intensity to your session.​ You don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed when talking about it – it’s nothing to be ashamed of.​