male masturbation vigina

My story about male masturbation of a vagina started when I was 18.​ I was quite adventurous in my experimentation, and especially since I had no female partner yet.​ I heard about this new thing from a friend of mine, and although I was hesitant to try it, I quickly became fascinated with it.​ To put it simply, I was hooked.​

Practicing male masturbation of a vagina became a regular part of my life.​ At the beginning, I used my imagination to replicate movements similar to penetrative sex.​ To be honest, it felt incredibly good, and the pleasure I experienced was beyond whatever I thought was possible.​ I cannot even begin to describe it.​

Over time I discovered new and different ways to stimulate myself with the vagina.​ Making use of alternated movements, wanting to increase pleasure, and experimenting with different speeds and angles of stimulation.​ It was wild! However, I found that some techniques worked better than others.​

The experience with vaginal masturbation taught me so much about my body and how to control and stimulate my pleasure points.​ I realized that I needed to take it slowly and pay close attention to the sensations I felt.​ It was like a dance with my body and the sensations.​ Eventually, I was able to fully enjoy the pleasure I felt from a combination of touches, strokes, and massage.​

The intimate moments and pleasure I experienced through male massage of a vagina were incomparable.​ I could feel the warmth, the friction, and the sheer pleasure radiating through my entire body.​ Every time I touched myself, it was like a ritual that I cherished and savored.​

I also learned a lot about patience, an aspect lacking in many people who are new to masturbation of the vagina.​ With patience and self-exploration, I was able to find out what I liked and didn’t like and ultimately perfected my technique.​ The feeling of accomplishment I felt when I achieved the experience I desired was unbelievably satisfying.​

As I grew more confident with my skills, I started using sex toys as well.​ I believe that sex toys are an excellent way to enjoy male masturbation of a vagina.​ Experimenting with different textures, sizes, shapes, and materials opened up another world of pleasure for me.​ Furthermore, it made the experience more enjoyable, as I had some variety to switch things up.​

I also experimented with different lubricants.​ Although I found water-based lubricants to be the best for the job, I also tried oil-based lubricants for a more intense sensation.​ I especially loved how the oil-based lubricant intensified the arousal and made me feel more connected to the experience.​

Sometimes I like to involve other people in my masturbation rituals.​ Having someone to confirm my pleasure or help me explore uncharted territory is an awesome experience.​ It helps make masturbation more wholesome and more fulfilling for me in a way.​ But of course, it is important to remember to communicate with my partner so as to make the experience as gratifying as possible for the both of us.​

While exploring male masturbation of a vagina, I eventually discovered how to engage my G-spot.​ It took some time to figure out, as the position and angle of the G-spot are different for every person.​ Luckily, with the help of my partner and some research, I found a positioning that worked for me.​ And it was an incredible sensation when I hit it!

I also discovered anal stimulation during this journey.​ Although it took me a while to get comfortable with the idea, I eventually succumbed to the temptation.​ And I must say, it was incredibly pleasurable.​ I love the feeling of the internal tension I experience when I stroke the sensitive walls of the anus.​

This journey with male masturbation of a vagina taught me a lot about myself.​ It showed me that pleasure and exploration can be enjoyed by people of all genders.​ It also showed me that pleasure comes in many forms and that there is no ‘right’ way to have sex, as long as it is consensual and enjoyable for everyone involved.​ So, if you are curious about male masturbation of a vagina, sex dolls my advice is to go for it!