male masturbator for performance anxiety

I recently 1000d out about this new male masturbator for guys who suffer from performance anxiety.​ To start with, I was a little skeptical about the concept.​ But then I started doing some research and learned that it’s actually been designed to help boost confidence and overcoming shyness for guys who want to increase their performance in the bedroom.​

It’s called the XK Masturbator and it’s a toy that uses air-pressure suction technology that is completely safe and natural.​ It lets you perform either solo or with someone else.​ It’s a great way to boost your confidence and help you in the bedroom.​

I decided to give it a try and sex dolls the first thing that I noticed about the toy was how surprisingly realistic and pleasant the sensation felt.​ The pulsating vibrations were really enjoyable and definitely helped me to relax and focus on getting the maximum pleasure out of my own pleasure.​

Surprisingly, vibrators it seemed to work quite well.​ I was definitely less anxious in the bedroom and I was really able to focus on my own pleasure as well as that of my partner.​ I found that I could last longer and it felt much more satisfying than before.​

The toy has become a regular part of my bedroom play – I’m more confident and I’m able to better control my arousal levels and avoid premature ejaculation.​ And because of that, I’m able to have much more enjoyable sex and experience more pleasure.​

I’m even considering buying another one to have in my nightstand and a third one to take along on vacations.​ This male masturbator has honestly been the best purchase I’ve ever made and has been instrumental in helping me deal with my performance anxiety.​

Another great thing about this male masturbator is that it’s quite discreet and easy to hide.​ No one needs to know about it.​ Plus, you can use the toy whenever you please without having to worry about it making any noise or getting in the way.​

As far as safety goes, the XK Masturbator is made from medical-grade silicone and is free of harsh chemicals, so it’s safe to use.​ It comes with a rechargeable battery and a user guide that provides lots of helpful tips and advice.​

The price tag is a bit hefty, but .​I think it’s definitely worth it.​ It’s a valuable tool to help you overcome performance anxiety and get you back in the bedroom feeling confident and relaxed.​