My teenage son has been dealing with an embarrassing and frustrating issue lately: acne, and I mean a lot of it.​ It seems like every time I look at him I immediately notice a new pimple.​ He’s always been a good kid and I do my best to provide him with all the help that I can, but lately I’ve noticed something else in his behavior.​ After long conversations, I eventually came to discover that he’s been engaging in teenage male masturbation with acne.​

At first, I was honestly too shocked to say anything or even think straight.​ I could tell he wasn’t planning on bringing it up and he was scared of my reaction.​ When I finally got some composure back I was able to express how proud I was of him for Penis Rings opening up to me, but still made sure he was aware of the risks.​ I couldn’t believe how brave he was being to talk about something so personal and private.​

We’ve had long conversations about how this addiction affects our daily lives, and I must say it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to contain it.​ We talked about things like feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty.​ He even expressed feeling too scared to look himself in the mirror due to his heavy seedbed of acne.​ Despite the uncomfortable dialogue, I think it was helpful for Penis Rings him to finally get these feelings out in the air.​

We have gone as far as looking up what is normal when it comes to teenage male masturbation with acne.​ I even found online forums with teenagers going through the same battle.​ We have shared laughs, cries, advice and support for teens going through the same issue.​ I think this was really beneficial because it reminded him that he’s not alone in this.​

Next, we talked about strategies to help him manage his urges.​ We both agreed that he should focus his energy into something productive such as music, art, getting more involved in his school work, make sure to attend therapy sessions, and talk to his friends.​ Talking to someone and having access to information is really important, especially when you are going through a difficult time.​ It’s human nature.​

I love my son more than anything in this world and as his parent I’m doing my best to provide him with the best guidance possible.​ Even though teenage male masturbation with acne is a difficult subject we’ve opened up the lines of communication and it feels natural now.​ We have become closer and even though there is still a lot of hard work ahead we feel that let us both know that through this process we are going to come out more confident and prepared for life.​

My wife and I have always emphasized hard work and mental health to our son.​ We know these values will help him into manhood, so that’s why we strive to be open-minded about all subjects, even the “not so glamorous” ones.​ We always encourage our son to make wise and informed decisions, in order to be the best version of himself in the future.​

I’m proud of my son and I admire his courage.​ We’ve come along way in his journey, which includes furthering his knowledge on teenage male masturbation with acne and understanding how to be mindful of his urges.​ He’s taking advantage of this journey and is optimistic about the future.​ I’m confident that through conversations, understanding, accountability, and love we will overcome this together.​