new 2018 tpe sex doll

I recently heard about these amazing new TPE sex dolls that just came out in 2018. They are made out of a new type of plastic that remains soft and elastic, even in cold temperatures, and feels really lifelike. I’m normally pretty old-fashioned when it comes to sex toys, but even I have to admit that these dolls feel incredibly realistic and are a totally different experience.

What first struck me when I saw pictures of them online was how unbelievably realistic they looked. They were very detailed, right down to the individual hairs on their heads. Plus, their faces were so expressive and lifelike that I had to do a double take. It was almost like looking at a real person.

The next thing I noticed was how sturdy they are. They have moveable joints and you can position them however you want. They also have an internal heating system that keeps them at a comfortable temperature, meaning you can use them for a prolonged session. This was a nice surprise, as I was worried that they may be prone to breaking.

The other main selling point for these dolls is the range of customization options available. You can specify the doll’s hair color, eye color, clothing, and even choose the positioning of their facial features. This really makes each doll unique and tailor made to your own personal desires. It’s like creating your own custom made sex toy.

Finally, the lifespan of these dolls is incredibly impressive. You can guarantee that it will last for years. This was particularly reassuring, as otherwise purchasing such an expensive product would be a huge financial risk.

I’m really glad I found out about these TPE sex dolls, as they offer amazing value for money and a totally unique sexual experience. The quality of craftsmanship is fantastic and the customization options are great. If you’re looking for a realistic and dildos durable sex doll, then I’d definitely recommend these.