10 Function PureSkin Bendie Vibe



Combining innovative PureSkin with incredibly lifelike details and a
perfectly flexible shaft, the 10 Function Bendie is an almost impossibly
realistic vibrating dildo that’s going to satisfy your need for the
real thing when the real thing’s not on hand (so to speak). Shaped to
look almost as lifelike as the material feels, the smoothly tapered head
and deliciously veined texture are sure to hit all your hot spots, no
matter how you choose to enjoy the Bendie. As the name suggests, this
vibe bends, and bends well! A flexible spine at the core allows the
shaft to twist, turn and fold, letting you maneuver and angle it into a
shape that will suit your pleasure purpose, while a slim, firm handle
provides a perfect grip and houses soft touch push buttons to control
the functions. At the core of the supple, silky Pure Skin, there’s a
powerful vibrator, which sends very noticeable, definitely orgasmic
waves of pleasure traveling throughout the vibe, there are an amazing 10
patterns of vibration, pulsation and escalation to choose from. Another
fantastic feature of this vibe is the memory chip built into the motor
itself, it automatically saves the last vibrating pattern you were
enjoying, so when next time rolls around, you won’t need to scroll
through to find your favorite. Going back to the PureSkin, this material
truly is the closest thing to the feel of a ready penis, a
multi-layering technique allows for a satisfying firmness under the
surface plush, velvety smoothness of the outer layer. It’s pliable and
elastic, retaining its shape while flexing for the best positioning
possible. You’ll love that this toy warms to the touch, it quickly
reaches body temperature for a truly human feel. You’ll also love that
the Bendie is low maintenance, it doesn’t need special care, unlike some
other similar materials, you’ll just want to wash it well and let it
dry fully before storage. A sprinkle of cornstarch will restore the
silky feel in a snap, as your vibe may get tacky after cleaning. Keep in
mind that Pure Skin is porous, so if you’ll be sharing, a condom
overtop is a great idea. Use a good quality water based lube if needed
to keep the PureSkin material at its best. Requires 3 AAA batteries
(sold separately). Waterproof.

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