8 Inch Silicone Hollow Extension



Satisfyingly supple, excitingly lengthy and incredibly filling, the 8 Inch
Silicone Hollow Extension is a user friendly must-have for playful
partners. Designed with tons of versatility  in mind, yielding
immeasurable pleasure
that’s limited only by imagination, the Extension can be made use of in
marathon sex sessions, or as a simple solution to ED and premature
ejaculation issues.

The big, intensely satisfying
shape of the penetrative portion is sure to please, it’s deliciously
firm, perfect for  ultra precise stimulation of inner sweet spots. A
thick, definitely lengthy, subtly textured shaft starts off slim and
gently pointed at the tip, swelling out immediately into an orgasmically
lifelike head.

Though sturdy enough for
female use with its body hugging base that rests comfortably against the

pubic bone and fully adjustable straps, the Hollow was perfectly
designed for the opposite sex. Fitting comfortably inside an open 1.6″
(4cm) base, the supreme silkiness and seamless Luv-Touch construction of
the Hollow’s 8 inch interior surrounds the penis fully. A hardy metal
O-ring circling the base of the silicone exterior helps hold the Hollow
securely in place once strapped in- it also makes this extension
compatible with other similar strap-on systems.

The Hollow’s
supple, silky, medical grade silicone surface feels fantastic against a
lover’s skin, it’s velvety and soft, warming perfectly to body
temperature during play. Clean up is easy and worry free, you’ll be able
place the Hollow (straps removed) on the top rack of the
dishwasher, or boil for complete sterilization; a good toy cleaner or
warm soapy water will do the trick, too. Always use a great quality
water based lube with
the Hollow, it’ll keep the quality silicone at its very best, silicone
formulas should be avoided. Fits up to a 50 inch (127cm) waist.

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