Accommodator Dual Penetrator



From the makers of the much-loved, sometimes parodied, but always fun
Accommodator chin strap dildo, the Accommodator Dual Penetrator is a
perfectly stimulating realistic probe that straps onto your penis (or
dildo) of choice. 

Once in place, the Penetrator makes double penetration
possible for fans of this kind of sex. Many women find the sensation of
both anal and vaginal penetration to be extremely orgasmic, and the
sturdy, secure, simple design of this toy makes it easy. Soft, stretchy
straps fit over the shaft of the penis and loop under the testicles,
keeping the dildo steady while providing support to the man in question.
A great quality water based lube is your best bet with the
Accommodator, it’ll keep the silky smooth material at it’s finest.

* This toy contains latex

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