Anal Adventures Orb Plug



Most anal aficionados will tell you that there are a few key steps to an amazing butt-play experience. Lots of good lube, patience and relaxation are high on the list, as is this one: a great tool for the job. The Anal Adventures Orb Plug is not only lab certified body safe, soft-yet-firm and super-smooth, it also finishes strong with a uniquely (and namesake) orb shape. 

Popping dramatically into your or your lucky partners derriere, the Orb is just the thing for anal players who like to dive straight into lots of filling thickness. It stretches and stimulates immediately, and will stay in place through most, if not all of your sexy shenanigans.

Like any good butt toy, the Orb features a big widespread base that anchors to the outside of your or your partner’s body to prevent too-deep slips. You’ll be able to play worry free, and also insert, remove and adjust the plug comfortably. 

In latex and phthalate free PVC, the Orb is body safe and extra easy to clean and maintain. Before and after playtime, scrub your plug gently with slots of warm soapy water, or use a favorite toy care fluid/foam. The Orb is compatible with any favorite water or silicone based lube. 

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