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Ready for your butt-play news bulletin of the day? Science (and experience, sometimes!) tells us that our butts are absolutely jam-packed with pleasure receptors. That sexy science, in our opinion, is why anal sex toy sales have been soaring, why all the silly stigma around playing with your or someone else’s butt is evaporating, and also, why your toy collection should probably/definitely include a fantastic vibrating, rotating and rimming butt plug. The Drive, folks is that plug.

Ready to be enjoyed by anyone and any body, the Drive from Blush is a step up from small, but it’s not overly large either. We’d call this a solid midsize. Nice and sleek up top, the Drive swells gradually into a nice long taper that ends in a lengthier-than-average neck. That neck is key to (some of) the Drive’s magnificent pleasure potential. It’s packed with rotating beads that twist and twirl for a sheets-clenching riming effect, all while the entire shaft rotates and gyrates while vibrating. 

You’ll be able to control Drive’s ten modes of synchronized stimulation with a button on the plug itself, or you can pass off the sleek little included remote to a partner, if you’re in the mood for some surprising stimulation. You will need to use the remote to experiment multiple modes of intensity per vibration and rotation mode.

Fully rechargeable, the Drive and its remote powers up via USB and an included magnetic charge cable. 

In hypoallergenic high end silicone, the Drive is extremely body safe and extra easy to clean and maintain – a huge plus when it comes to anal toys. You will, of course, be using lots of lube with your Kong, so please stock up on a favorite water-based formula. Silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products should be avoided. The Drive is IPX7 waterproof.  

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