Aspen Rechargeable Fluttering Mini Vibe



Do you, perchance, prefer your vibrators with a side of over-the-top versatility? How do you feel about a flickering, sexily slanted silicone tip? What are your thoughts on fifteen magical modes of vibration that’ll buzz and throb over your and your partner’s sweet spots with sexy abandon? If you’re a fan of any or all of those things, you need to get familiar with Maia’s Aspen Rechargeable Fluttering Mini Vibe, pronto!

Featuring a petite, ultra manageable size and that silky slanted tip we talked about, Aspen is extra easy to guide over and around clitorises, nipples, heads of penises, (outer) butts and far, far beyond. Once it’s in position (or before, if you want), cue up the first of fifteen rumbly, deep-down modes of powerful, tip-flickering vibration by holding down a single power and function button. 

When it comes time to charge Aspen, simply place it base-down on an innovative charging pad. You’ll just need to charge the pad with an included USB charge cable beforehand, or during.

In hypoallergenic silicone, Aspen is body safe, ultra hygienic and definitely made to last. Clean your vibe well before and after playtime with lots of warm soapy water, or use a favorite toy care fluid/foam. Any great quality water-based lube can be enjoyed with this vibe, but please avoid contact with silicone-based lubes and other silicone toys/products. The Aspen Rechargeable Fluttering Mini Vibe is fully waterproof.

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