Beginners Penis Pump



A classic, perfectly beginner friendly pump that deserves a place in any
man’s arsenal of
enhancement tools, this simple, effective Power Pump is incredibly user
friendly, made from body safe materials, and is an overall
great choice for the type of stamina increasing, performance boosting
effects you’ll only get from a top notch penis pump. The classic
cylinder is transparent with a hint of color so you’ll be able to watch
yourself grow, and you’ll do so in
supreme, pleasurable comfort, thanks to a soft, supple PVC entrance that
cushions and stimulates while producing an airtight seal. You’ll
love how it feels, the smooth material warms quickly to match body
temperature, further increasing your enjoyment, and in turn, the
erection-enhancing effect. To get things
going, simply squeeze the medical style pump bulb until the desired
of suction is reached. The unit is ultra easy to assemble, and
disassembles just simply for thorough cleaning. Compatible with water
and silicone based lubricants.

Total length is 7 1/2 inches (19cm), width is 2 inches (5cm).

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