Beginner’s Power Pump



Pumps can be a bit intimidating when just starting out with this type of
enhancement tool, but the Beginner’s Power Pump from Pipedream eases
inhibitions with its simple, ultra user friendly design. A classic
cylindrical chamber contains all the gentle yet intense suction, and a
soft, stretchy jelly sleeve fits around the entire opening to cushion
and protects as you pump.

Once comfortably in place, simply
squeeze the medical grade pump ball to get the suction going and watch
the penis in question swell to its full potential. A quick release valve
on the side of the pump ball instantly eliminates the Pump’s inner
pressure once through, just a light touch is all that’s requires. To
further comfort and add some pleasure, spread a little water based
lubricant around the entrance of the Pump before inserting the penis.
Total length is approximately 7.75 inches (19.7cm). Phthalate free.

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