Black Butterfly Clamp with Link Chain



An intense choice perfect for all you nipple play connoisseurs, Spartacus’s Black Butterfly Clamp with Link Chain is definitely on the extreme end
of the sensation spectrum. The non-adjustable design provides a tight, sexily unrelenting pinch that only increases with movement, or a tug of the attached chain.

Ideal for dominance play, a weighty, swinging connector
chain links the two rubber-tipped clamps, offering something to tug and tease while the clamp
portion holds nice and tight. Hardy metal construction is not only
extra durable and worthy of some rough and tough play, but also warms
quickly to match body heat. Place the clamps in the fridge or cold
water before use, if you’d like a cooler option.

in mind, there’s no option
for tension adjustment with this style of clamp, just a simple,
straightforward pinch that, if
you’re into more aggressive nipple play, will absolutely hit
the mark. 

*The Black Butterfly Clamp with Link Chain measures about 19″/48.3cm end to end.

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