Black Leash and Collar



‘Once I’m done dressing, I find him in the living room sitting in
this favorite chair. The lights are low. There;s a scotch in one hand
and a leash dangling from the other. I walk slowly and seductively over
to him and lower my head so he can attach the leash to my new collar. I
can tell by the look in his eyes that he’s ready to play. After
appraising my body he nods. “I think I’d like you on your knees.” With a
gentle tug I’m guided to the floor in front of him.’

Soft and comfortable yet ultra secure, the Black Leash and Collar set is
ideal for all sorts of creatively playful scenarios. Perfect for
beginners and more experienced bondage dabblers alike, this set is
impressively well made and can stand up to more rough and tough play as
well as lighter submission fantasy fulfillment. The adjustable vinyl
collar is lined in plushy soft velboa fabric for supreme comfort, a
sturdy metal D ring attaches to the included leash.

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