Bolster Inflatable Prostate Plug



Quick vocab lesson: the word ‘bolster’ means to support or strengthen. It’s a good word, and in the case of this newcomer from Nexus, a very good, and very accurate name, too! Featuring a thick, sturdy, deep-reaching shape with just enough curviness, six powerful modes of vibration AND a unique inflatable tip, the Bolster Inflatable Prostate Plug will definitely support and strengthen your pleasure – and your orgasms.

Aside from all the p-spot targeting vibration and silky surface area you’ll be enjoying while Bolster works its magic, you’ll be able to incrementally inflate the tip. A dedicated button on the included wireless remote swells the highest point of Bolster’s tip outward, nudging it ever-closer to your/their prostate and other deep-down sweet spots. 

Vibration-wise, you’ll be able to activate and cycle through three steady modes of low, medium and high vibration plus three more modes of pulsation using a button at Bolster’s base. To inflate the tip, you’ll need to use the remote’s left-placed button – hit it at will to gradually inflate, or once to get up to maximum width (about 1.6″/4cm) right away. The right remote button deflates Bolster’s tip – again, you can do so gradually or all at once.

Both the Bolster Plug and the included remote are fully USB rechargeable – each powers up via an included magnetic charge cord and any free USB port. 

Thanks to Bolster’s high-end silicone construction, this Plug is nonporous, extremely hygienic, and hypoallergenic. Clean your Plug well before and after playtime with lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. The Bolster is safe to use with any favorite water based lube, but please avoid silicone based lubricants and contact with other silicone toys. Bolster is waterproof and submersible.

* Measurements taken uninflated

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