Charmed Silicone Light Up Heart Tweezer Clamps



Let’s be real – nipple clamps are super-sexy as is. Add in a light show, though, and things get dazzling, fast! The Charmed Silicone Light Up Heart Tweezer Clamps, aside from providing plenty of pinch, also feature three colorful light patterns, all thanks to a removeable (and replaceable) mini LED light.

First off, you’ll need to pop each light out of the red silicone heart charms, and pull out the plastic strip. Replace the lights, and you’re all set. Attach the Clamps to your or your partner’s nipples by sliding the spacer up or down to open or close the space between each vinyl-coated tip. Then, hit the power button to activate the light. Press to cycle through three possible patterns.

The lights contain fixed batteries, which can’t be replaced. They’ll last around 4-5 hours. Replacement light packs are available.

In hypoallergenic silicone, metal and vinyl, the Clamps are easy to clean and maintain. Wash with warm soapy water before and after playtime.

* Each clamp is 4.6″/11.7cm in total length, and opens from 0 to .5″/1.27 wide.

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