Colt Camo Bone Gag



If, by chance, The Quiet Game or one of many variations should happen to pop up on an evening’s playtime agenda, this rough-and-tumble gag from Colt’s Camo collection will the just the tool you’ll need to silence and subdue a (willing!) partner. 

Combining a big odor and taste-free silicone bone with a super-secure face harness complete with chin, cheek and forehead straps, the Camo Bone Gag quickly and easily restrains the wearer – orally, at least! Filling their mouth and holding down their tongue, the Bone effortlessly silences sound and discourages spitting, biting and other forms of mouthiness.

The Camo Bone Gag buckles into escape-proof place courtesy of heavy duty Metal (nickle and tarnish free) hardware. As with any gag, please keep a watchful eye on your bound-up partner to be sure they can breath/swallow comfortably. In other words, play safe! 

* The Camo Ball Gag adjusts to fit any size. The bone itself is 4.75″ (12.07cm) in total length and .75″ (1.9cm) at thickest (mid-bone. 

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