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When you or your partner have earned your novice butt play badges and feel ready to move on up to a larger and/or wider, and maybe even heavier butt plug, Colt’s Weighted Pumper Plug is definitely the one for you! Aside from some super smooth silicone construction a jiggly inner weight and a classic tapered shape, here’s the magic of this plug – you can go from sleek and (relatively) slim to thick and filling any time you want!

In silky black silicone, the Weighted Pumper Plug slides smoothly and comfortably into your or your lucky partner’s waiting derriere. During wear, that unique inner weight rolls and rocks, providing a unique and very enjoyable sensation. Like any good anal toy, the Pumper Plug features a widespread base that helps prevent any too-deep slips.¬†

To experiment with the inflatable feature, just grab the attached pump valve. Give it a few squeezes to see (and feel) the Pumper’s thickness fill out to more than double the original width. Keeping things nice, neat and cord-free, the hose can be disconnected from the plug when your plug is as full as you’d like. There’s a safety release valve on the plug itself, and on the ball pump.

In ultra hygienic and hypoallergenic silicone, the Weighted Pumper Plug is body safe and conveniently low maintenance. Wash it well before and after playtime with lots of warm soapy water, or use a good toy care fluid/foam, if you’d like. You will, of course, be using lots of lube with this toy, so be sure to choose a good quality water-based formula. Please don’t be tempted to use a silicone lube – it could break down the material.

* Featured measurements represent the Pumper Plug before inflation

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