Deluxe Wonder Inflatable Butt Plug




Offering anal play enthusiasts a completely customizable, excitingly vibrating anal
experience, the Deluxe Wonder PlugĀ  features a classic tapered shape that expands in width and girth once in place. Filling with air at the
squeeze of a handy pump ball, the Wonder plumps up to just about double
the thickness, vibrating all the while.

Penetrating smoothly
and comfortably thanks to a lifelike taper and sturdy core firmness, the Deluxe Wonder features a nice wide base safe for the deepest placement.
Approximately 10 pumps of the ball valve will have it at max girth and
width- a quick release valve instantly lets off the pressure. As for the
vibration, it’s courtesy of a classic remote and built-in motor.
Ranging in intensity from a tickle to a throb, a simple spin dial
switches up sensation.

In smooth latex rubber and firm ABS
plastic, the Wonder Plug cleans thoroughly using warm soapy water or a
good toy care fluid/foam. As with any anal toy, you’ll want to use lots
of lube,
a great quality water-based formula is best. Do not over-inflate. Vibe
requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

*This toy contains rubber latex. Please note that measurements provided represent the Wonder Plug un-inflated.

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