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It’s pretty safe to say that, from the day it made its double-the-pleasure entrance onto the sex toy stage, the beloved rabbit vibe has been curling toes and taking names. Inner and outer sweet spot stimulation is hard (impossible?) to beat, after all. With the arrival of the Double Tap Rabbit Vibe from Evolved, the rabbit vibe once again jumps, thumps and humps into the pleasure spotlight with some very unique sensations to offer you or your partner.

Featuring a classic curvy shape complete with extra long shaft and a flexible external stimulator, the Double Tap penetrates with a pleasurable stretch. The plushy, curvy shaft nearly instantly targets your/your partner’s g-spot and other inner erogenous zones – there’s lots of length to play with when it comes to finding that perfect fit. 

Speaking of the shaft, that’s one place where the namesake tapping comes into play. Just under a soft pad at the tip, an extra intense motor literally thumps and thuds, providing you or your playmate with totally unique inner sensations. There are seven thumping patterns to pick from, all activated and controlled with a dedicated button.

Meanwhile, seven more rhythms of tireless tapping wait to thump against your clitoris and outer sweet spots from below! The flexible, sexily swollen external tickler packs in its very own motor and dedicated control button. You’ll be able to choose your perfect beat up top and below, and adjust the shaft and outer stimulator’s taps at any time.

Rechargeable via USB, the Double Tap Rabbit Vibe powers up using an included charge cord and any free USB port. 

In pure, skin safe silicone plus ABS plastic, the Double Tap is easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. This vibe is compatible with any great quality water-based lubricant – please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone products. Waterproof.

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