Dr Love’s Deemun Extra Girth Enhancer 6 x 2 Inch



An extra simple, breathtakingly satisfying lovers tool from
Doctor Love, the Deemun is a fantastic enhancer that adds inches of
plush thickness to your natural state, while leaving the tip of your or your partner’s penis free to experience sexual pleasure. 

Made from a super soft,
phthalate and latex free Turboskin material with incredible temperature
sensitive properties that allows it to naturally match body heat, the
Deemun feels just like you, only thicker. Sliding easily over an erect
penis with the help of a little lube, you’ll be able to adjust the
positioning to your (and your playmate’s) taste, you’ll adore the
open-ended design of this sleeve that, unlike some other similar
products, takes into consideration that the wearer may just want to feel
some pleasure, too! 

Once in place, the Deemun stays put, leaving the
head of the penis exposed. You’ll find that the sleeve will not only add
inches, but may also keep you harder and lasting longer too, since it
restricts blood flow from the penis. Both water and silicone based
lubricants can be used with this sleeve- if it gets tacky, a sample of
powder is included, which will restore the softness once sprinkled on a
clean, dry Deemun. Adds approximately 2 inches to your thickness.

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