Ease Anal Silicone Relaxing Glide



Specially formulated to intensely lubricate and gently
relax the anal opening for more enjoyable anal penetration, Ease represents a refreshing natural alternative for comfortable anal penetration.

An ultra
slick silicone lube is key for play in an area that doesn’t
self lubricate, and this one is fantastic. Silicone lubes last much longer than most water-based varieties, providing a protective barrier
that won’t rub away with friction, sweat and other moisture. The relaxing effect is courtesy of bisabolol (a natural chamomile extract) along with sunflower oil, goji, vitamin e and aloe.

note that this is NOT a desensitizing product and contains no numbing
properties. Ease is safe to use with condoms and other latex gear,
and it’s compatible with most toy materials (not silicone toys). Vegan friendly and paraben free.

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