Eve’s Twirling Rabbit Vibe



Let’s talk about your favorite rabbit vibe for a second, ok? Now, when it comes to the beloved bunny, it’s pretty safe to say that most of the time, the outer sweet spot-tickling rabbit/dolphin/butterfly tends to take center stage, pleasure-wise. Eve’s Twirling Rabbit Vibe definitely features a totally classic bunny external stimulator ready to rock your world, but we think you’ll agree that the shaft deserves a standing (or spinning!) ovation, too.

Shaped for full contact stimulation, this creative rabbit’s curvy penetrator easily reaches your or your partner’s G-spot and other inner pleasure places. At the touch of a button, it swirls and twirls in six possible rhythms, delivering a totally tireless internal massage. 

Meanwhile, from below, the Twirling’s soft, flexible bunny stimulator takes care of any clitoral and outer stimulation cravings you or your partner may have. Thirteen possible patterns of vibration buzz, pulse and throb thanks to a dedicated motor that’s easily controlled with simple buttons on the face of a comfy looped handle. 

Conveniently rechargeable via USB, Eve’s Twirling Rabbit Vibe powers up using the included cable and any free USB port (or compatible adapter). 

In 100% silicone, Eve’s Twirling Rabbit Vibe vibe is body safe, phthalate free and extra hygienic. Wash it well before and after enjoyment using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If you’ll be pairing a lube with this vibe, please use a favorite good quality water-based formula. Avoid contact with silicone lubes, and store away from other silicone toys. Waterproof.

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