Executive Vacuum Pump



A sturdy, user friendly pump system offering up reliably powerful suction, lots of
room to grow and a ergonomic pump handle tailored to one-handed
gripping, the Executive Vacuum Pump delivers all the size and
firmness boosting effects
a man (and his mate) could wish for.

Once comfortably inside the Executive, press the comfortably flanged base agasint the body to create
an airtight seal. Activate suction by pulling up on the unique pump
handle, watching the effect through the clear measured cylinder. A quick
release button dissolves suction instantly.

Of firm industrial grade acrylic, ABS plastic and supple
silicone, each component of the Executive Vacuum Pump is body-safe and
hygienic, cleaning easily with
warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.
Compatible with water based lubricants.

* Total inner length is approximately 9.5
inches (24.3cm) long and 2 inches (5cm) of opening diameter.

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