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As great as cuffs are (they’re really great!), sometimes, they’re just not enough when it comes to some of the more creative bound-up situations. Solo, they’ll hold your/your partner’s wrists or ankles up, down and out of the way, but what happens if you don’t have a bedpost, strap, or sturdy piece of gear to hitch your wrist or ankle cuffs to? Enter the Expandable Spreader Bar Cuff Set from Lux Fetish!

In solid stainless steel, the Expandable Spreader Bar adjusts from 24″ (61cm) to 36″ (91.4cm), letting you (or them) decide how much space should be forced between the cuffed partner’s arms or legs. The bar comes in three parts, a core bar plus two sliding side-pieces. The sliders are what determines the length of the total bar – slip the two included steel locking pins in through corresponding spaces in the bar to hold the position.

The rough and tough included cuffs are comfortably padded with sexy faux leather and feature universal swivel mount clasps that connect to D-ring on the cuffs themselves, the rings at either end of the Expandable Spreader Barr, or just about any other restraint system. The classic buckled design fits most sizes.  

Once they (or you) are locked to the bar, things get really interesting! The bar, aside from acting as a simple spreader, can also be used as a position aid – it’s something to hang onto when legs are up in the air, for example.

In stainless steel (bar) and PU (cuffs) each piece of the Expandable Spreader Bar Cuff Set  can be easily spot cleaned as needed.

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