F8 Silicone Vibe



Obviously developed with pure pleasure in mind, the sleek,
deliciously curvy F8 from Ovo’s luxurious line of vibes is a classic
stimulation staple with impressively versatile styling suited to just
about any sexy or sensual endeavor. Long, silky and subtly curvaceous,
the F8 naturally seeks out inner sweet spots, while just as easily
targeting outer ones.

Enveloped in velvety, hypoallergenic
silicone, the highest of the high end materials, the tip and
shaft are extra smooth and blissfully temperature sensitive, warming
quickly and naturally to match body heat as you touch and play. That
exacting, thrillingly unyielding texture is in exciting contrast to the
supple silicone overtop- g-spot
seekers will adore the firmness that allows for the type of more intense
massage often needed to stimulate the G.

With five available
modes of vibration, the F8 suits stimulation desires of all levels, three steady modes of unrelenting vibration give way
to two patterns of unique pulsation and escalation, all varied with a push of a
button on a simple interface. Utterly perfect for travel and secretive pleasure missions, this vibe truly
quiet, certainly discreet enough to be undetected through a closed door.
Furthermore, an automatic locking mechanism requires the power button
to be held down simultaneously for a few seconds before the F8 revs up, making
accidental activation nearly impossible.

To keep this treasure
at its best always choose a great water based lubricant, if needed, and
store it away from other silicone toys and products. Silicone is
extremely safe and very hygienic, boasting non-porous surface that won’t
harbor bacteria, it’s also hypoallergenic and therefore a wonderful
choice for sensitive skin. The F8 is water resistant once the battery
cap is properly secured, making it safe for the shower, but it probably
should not be fully submerged in water. Requires 2 AAA batteries (sold

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