Feather Tickler 7 Inch



A completely gorgeous tickly, teasing sensual accessory from Sex & Mischief, the 
Feather Tickler is an ultra soft way to thrill your lover. There are
countless ways you could make use of the Feather, try pairing it with a
blindfold and lightly dragging the silky feathers over the object of your desire’s skin
as foreplay, the whisper soft touch will ignite nerve endings as
it sets the mood for pleasure to come.

To mix a little sting into all that softness, try flicking the Tickler like a crop, there’s a deliciously firm portion just
underneath the feathers that’ll certainly hit the mark. However you
choose to use it, this tickler’s firm, smooth handle fits perfectly in
hand to provide precision control. Total length
is about 7 inches including the feather.

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