Gender X Rechargeable Rockin’ Metal Plug



Science (and experience, sometimes!) says that the anal area contains a higher-than-average amount of pleasure receptors. That sexy science, in our opinion, is why anal sex toy sales have been soaring, why all the silly stigma around playing with your or someone else’s butt has evaporated, and also, why your toy collection should probably/definitely include a fantastic vibrating butt plug. This, friends, is that plug!

Ready to be enjoyed by anyone and any body, the Gender X Rechargeable Rockin’ Metal Plug is sized nice and (not too) big, filling and stimulating fans of a sexy anal stretch. It’s curvy in shape, featuring a tapered tip for easy entry and a smooth, graduated swell. Like any good butt toy, the base is wide and distinct, preventing too-deep slips and letting you play worry-free.

Seven rumbly vibration modes come courtesy of a powerful, fully rechargeable motor. A single button at the base activates and cycles through your stimulation options. Charge cable included.
If you’re a fan of temperature play, you’ll be happy to know that the Rockin’ Plug is easy to heat up or cool down beforehand – just pop it in the fridge or let it relax in some warm water.

In slick, nonporous aluminum alloy, the Rockin’ Plug is body safe and extra easy to clean and maintain – a huge plus when it comes to anal toys. You will, of course, be using lots of lube with your Plug, so please stock up on a favorite water, silicone or hybrid formula. Waterproof.

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