gläs Bling Bling Butt Plug



Perfectly mid-sized and extra manageable, this firm, slick plug from gläs is a seriously sexy option for butt play novices – it’s also just the ticket for warming up to something a little (or a lot!) bigger. Plus, it’s sparkly!

Shaped into a classic rounded bulb, the 3.5″ Bling Bling tip is smoothly tapered for easy insertion, it widens very gradually toward the middle, providing a gentle, effective stretch and a sexy full-up sensation. Thanks to the nice slim neck, you’ll be able to wear it comfortably for longer periods of time, during sex, foreplay or self love, even out and about, if the idea tickles your fancy. 

Like any good anal toy’s base should be, the Bling Bling’s is nice and wide, which helps quell any too-deep penetration anxieties. That base, by the way, if where you’ll find the source of all that sparkle we mentioned! There’s a big glittery faux jewel studded through the circular stopper. It’s in bright royal purple, you can’t miss it!

Aside from an extra slick temperature-receptive texture, glass is extremely hygienic. The 3.5″ Bling Bling can be safely boiled or bleached for total sterilization although warm soapy water and a clean dry cloth works well for everyday clean-up. Pure and hypoallergenic, the Bling Bling can be enjoyed with any type of lubricant. Store carefully, and please avoid abrasive surfaces that could scratch or chip your plug.

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