Gyro Vibe Extreme Hands Free Unisex Massager



We need to get this one thing out of the way immediately – this toy is LARGE! Okay, now we can rave about the Gyro’s Extreme incredible, and very, very filling pleasure possibilities. Here goes. Focusing tons of vibration and a sweetly swollen tip on P-spots, G-spots and other internal pleasure places (this giant vibe’s for every body), Nexus’s Gyro Vibe Extreme comes complete with a super-silky brushed silicone surface, six modes of rumbly vibration and fully waterproof construction. Intrigued? Read on!

Here’s a little light biology to get us started. The prostate gland hides a few inches inside the anal canal and is (usually) easily reached by a finger or toy, while the G-spot is generally located on the top wall of the vagina, and can be directly stimulated by penetration, or indirectly stimulated from inside the butt. All this to say – you can use your Gyro vaginally, anally, solo, with a playmate, at home or away.

Regardless of your or your partner’s particular body make-up, the Gyro Extreme is ready to seek, find and deeply please inner and outer sweet spots with six stupendous vibe modes throbbing through two dedicated motors. While all that vibration is rumbling and throbbing you/them to ecstasy, you’ll have perfect control over positioning and preferred massage method thanks to a comfortably, rounded base that can be rocked and rolled in your palm, or you can just rock your hips and let the Gyro do all the work.

Fully USB rechargeable, the Gyro Extreme powers up using the included cord and any free USB port. 

In ultra hygienic silicone, the Gyro Vibe Extreme is hygienic, hypoallergenic and extra low maintenance. Pre and post play, rinse it well under warm soapy water or use a good quality toy care fluid/foam/spray, if you’d rather. Any favorite water-based lube will be compatible with the high end silicone surface, but please don’t be tempted to use a silicone lube as it could damage your vibe. It’s also a good idea to store this vibe away from other silicone and soft toy materials, just to be safe. Waterproof.

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