Hempseed Edible Massage Oil Gift Set



A gift-ready combination of three delicious, lick-able, suckable and absolutely
indulgent oils for incredible hands (and lips)-on sexy and sensual
massage, Earthly Body has specifically blended these silky pleasure
staples to moisturize, soften and nourish skin as it adds a slick,
friction-free glide to hands-on touch.

Edible Massage Oil’s
assuredly vegan formula is packed with completely natural ingredients,
you’ll be able to recognize each one- making up this non-greasy body
treat is simple almond, apricot, grape seed, sesame and hemp seed oils
combined with vitamin E, rosemary and a hit of flavor.

absolutely no parabens or petroleum
based additives, Edible Massage Oil is an indulgently natural choice,
ideal for
sensitive skin
body care purists, plus the fragrance and flavor is light and fresh, not

overpowering at all.  Earthly Body products are completely cruelty free
and assuredly vegan. 3 pieces included in French Vanilla, Succulent Strawberry and Juicy Watermelon.

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