Her Royal Harness Me2 Ultra-Soft G-Probe



If you’ve ever dabbled in the art of strap-on sex or pegging, you’ll know that the top, or strap-on wearer, usually really, really loves seeing (and hearing) how amazingly good their partner feels. Now, while the Me2 Ultra-Soft G-Probe from the Her Royal Harness collection will definitely rack up some orgasm points from your partner, it was designed to feel just as good for you, the wearer.

Whether you’re pairing the Me2 Ultra-Soft G-Probe with one of Her Royal Harness’s strap-on sets or one of your own, you’re going to want to test drive this silvery treat immediately! Shaped into a versatile curve and featuring some seriously silky softness, the Ultra-Soft is practically guaranteed to hit your partner’s g-spot, prostate and beyond. 

At the opposite end of the Ultra-Soft’s curvy tip, you’ll find a big, bumpy base shaped into full-contact swells, bumps and strategic contours. Once the probe is positioned in your harness, you or your partner (whoever is wearing the harness) will be able to rock and grind against all that texture during sex.

You’ll notice (and love) how quickly the pure silicone Me2 Ultra-Soft G-Probe warms to match body heat, this feature is just one of the many reasons why silicone is such a must-have toy material. Here are some more: the Probe is body safe, hypoallergenic and extra hygienic. Clean well before and after playtime using some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. The Her Royal Harness Me2 Ultra-Soft G-Probe is compatible with any favorite water based lube. Please don’t be tempted to use a silicone based lube (it could damage your dildo), and store away from other silicone and soft toy materials. Harness sold separately.

* The Her Royal Harness Me2 Ultra-Soft G-Probe fits most universal harnesses and strap-on sets

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