Her Royal Harness The Regal Queen



We think that a queenly, authoritative presence is very rarely a bad thing, and that theory goes double for sexy doings – dare we say, particularly in strap-on play situations! Fit for absolute strap-on royalty and featuring a unique (and accessible!) crotchless design, the Regal Queen in shimmery red vegan leather provides sturdy pleasure-ready stability, tons of penetrator versatility and simple adjustable styling that’s easy to get into and out of.

Holding comfortably around the waist, a soft lined band adjusts to a perfect fit as two thin straps reach around to loop under each butt cheek. Simply tug the strap ends to customize sizing. Once it’s in place, flip around to flash your lucky subject with a gorgeous corset-inspired back band. Around front, set mid perfectly yoke, one of three sturdy metal O-rings secures a dildo or vibe of choice into place – the ring snaps on and off for quick toy attachment and any possible penetrator switch-ups. 

Just about any dildo, vibe, plug or probe with a flanged (wide) base can be slipped through the ring and steadied into position. The included rings are 2″/5cm, 1.75″/4.5cm and 1.5″/3.75cm. Choose one that matches the toy of the moment and play away!

In PVC, a soft poly blend, nickel free hardware and plastic materials, the Regal Queen can be spot-cleaned as needed. 

* The Regal Queen fits up to 64″ (162.5cm) waist.

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