Hookup Pleasure Pearl Panties and Plug



You know that big boost of confidence you feel when you’ve got a little something sexy on under your clothes? Want more of it? Great! Maybe it’s time for a hookup – these spectacular Hookup panties from Pipedream, that is.

Showing off (and letting you show off) a lacy, strappy design with a completely bare behind, the Pleasure Pearl Panties don’t just look great, they feel pretty great, too. Here’s the thing about these cheeky little underthings – they’re meant to be worn with an included butt plug. Actually, we’ll re-phrase, it’s completely necessary for you or your partner to wear them in combination with the Hookup plug! The curvy, satisfying silicone plug literally hooks up to an H-string loop on the panties, which, it turn, holds the crotch in place.

Speaking of the crotch, it’s where the ‘pearl’ part comes into play. On either side, a double loop of rolling, rocking pleasure beads waits to massage you as you go about your day (or date). If sex is in the cards, they’ll also massage a partner’s shaft, too. Win/win scenario right there! 

To get your Hookup panties all set up, you’ll put them on, adjusting the fit comfortably around your waist. Find the H-string loop, and slip it over the base of the Hookup Plug. Then, slide it between your legs and pop in the plug (with the help of some water based lube, of course). 

Of course, it you’re not in the mood for the Panties, you can absolutely enjoy the Hookup Plug solo. 

In high end silicone, the Hookup Plug is hypoallergenic, reliably body-safe, and easy to clean and maintain. Before and after, wash it well with lots of warm soapy water, or use a good toy care fluid/foam. The poly blend panty needs to be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. Fits sizes XL-2XL (10-18).

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