Hybrid Formula Lube 4.23oz



No matter what you and perhaps your partner have planned for the night (any time of day, really), we’re willing to bet that some extra slipperiness probably wouldn’t be unwelcome. Lucky guess!

Perfect for sex with someone else, sex with yourself or sex with a toy, Sensuva’s Hybrid Formula Lube will stay reliably put on body and toy surfaces as you play, all thanks to an infusion of premium silicone. This lube is extra long lasting and won’t require much, if any, re-applying. Hybrid Lube is, of course, fully capable of taking over in situations where natural lube doesn’t come into play (ie. anal).

Hybrid Formula Lube is safe for use with most toy materials (not silicone) and condoms, and contains no gluten, glycerine, or parabens. This lube is 100% vegan friendly.

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