Iker App-Controlled Prostate and Perineum Vibe



Like we always say, when it comes to your pleasure there’s always a way to make a great thing better. For example, what if someone were to take a fantastic vibrating prostate massager, add in powerful perineum stimulator, and make it compatible with a totally innovative, sexily futuristic smart app? Well, dear prostate pleasure seekers, someone did, and the result is Svakom’s Iker App-Controlled Prostate and Perineum Vibe.

Classically curvy, Iker’s sexily swollen tip is strategically angled to effortlessly target your or your partner’s prostate gland once in place. The tip, by the way, features a very special pulsating, thumping tip that tirelessly stimulates your P-spot at five possible intensities. Meanwhile, down below, an equally curvy perineum stimulator directs pleasurable pressure and lots of stimulation straight to external sweet spots.

Now, on to vibration! First off, you’ll have seven synchronized penetrator and perineum stimulator modes to choose from, each with five levels of intensity. They’ll take you through modes of steady teasing and straight into high intensity pulsation, and are easily activated an controlled via a single button under Iker’s base. You can mix and match vibration with that throbbing tip, or enjoy each solo.

For infinitely more vibration, control and connection possibilities, you have the option of downloading the Svakom App from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, you or you and your partner will have access to unique sound, voice, touch and music activated vibration patterns, plus the ability to connect via webcam. You also be able to control your partner’s Iker from anywhere in the world, provided you both have the app installed and a strong internet connection. 

Bottom line: if you or your partner needs to travel for work, you’re in a long-distance relationship, or you just want to send them a little sexy something any time and anywhere, Iker plus the app is a perfect solution!

Conveniently rechargeable via USB, Iker powers up via the included charge cable and a free USB port. 

In body safe silicone plus ABS plastic, Iker is easy to clean before and after using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. This vibe is compatible with any favorite water base lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys. Waterproof.

* The Svakom App is compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPad mini/iPod touch iOs 12 and 13, as well as Android 8,9 and 10

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