Kurve Treble & Bass G-Spot Vibe



Loving a certain level of vibration frequency is, like choosing high-end over low (and vice versa) when it comes to your daily playlist, entirely a matter of personal preference. And choice, folks, is important!  With that indisputable fact in mind, Hot Octopuss presents the totally unique, amazingly pleasurable Kurve Treble & Bass G-Spot Vibe. Whether you can’t get enough of those deep, low rumblings or you absolutely adore higher level pulsations, Kurve is the orgasm tool for you.

Specifically designed to seek, find and absolutely ravish sweet spots, Kurve’s shape is thoughtfully curvy (kurvy?), all the better to naturally rest against your or your partner’s g-spot and other internal pleasure places once in position. The sexily swollen tip is uniquely plushy and soft, which not only helps with perfect placement, but also lets you more easily and precisely customize pressure and stimulation intensity.

Speaking of intensity, it’s time to talk about those amazing Treble & Bass inspired vibrations! There are two motors in Kurve’s shaft. One is placed higher up toward the tip, and delivers those top frequency treble vibrations, while the other is positioned lower down and is all about the bass, rumbly and deep. You’ll be able to choose to enjoy bass and treble vibration separately, or you can (and should!) combine them for an orgasmically equalized experience.

Three identical buttons on either side of a simple control interface activate and vary each motor. Use the little round one to switch between five modes and rhythms of vibration per motor, and use the top two to cycle up or down through five more intensity options. 

Fully USB rechargeable, Kurve powers up via an included USB charge cord and any free USB port. A full hour of charge time will run your Kurve for up to two continuous hours.

In skin safe silicone and ABS plastic, the Kurve Treble & Bass G-Spot Vibe is easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Kurve is compatible with any favorite water based lube, and we recommended using lots for a sexy, slippery ride. Please store apart from other silicone toys. This vibe is fully waterproof.

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