Liki Flickering Tongue Mini Vibe



If you’re a fan of perfect, patient oral sex a) we’d say that you’re probably in the majority, and b) you already know that there’s nothing quite like the sensation of an enthusiastic partner going down just right. Here’s the thing though – you might not always have a partner around when you’re feeling, shall we say, orally fixated. VeDo to rescue! Little Liki hands you the power of pleasure perfection with a flickering, fluttering tongue that never gets tired.

Easy to control and comfortable in your or your partner’s hand, Liki can (and should!) be enjoyed solo or in combination with infinite sexy acts. Aside from being perfect for alone time, Liki is a great pinch hitter during oral sex, a fantastic addition to all types of foreplay, and can definitely add a little something orgasmic to various penetration possibilities.

Ten modes and six intensity levels of flickering tongue action spring to life with a push of Liki’s single power/function button center button. Press it twice quickly to activate the motor, then continue pressing to change up the rhythm. Liki powers up at any free USB port using the included cable. 

In hypoallergenic silicone, the Liki is body safe, ultra hygienic and definitely made to last. Clean it well before and after playtime with lots of warm soapy water, or use a favorite toy care fluid/foam. Any great quality water-based lube can be enjoyed with this vibe, but please avoid contact with silicone-based lubes and other silicone toys/products. Waterproof.

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