Master Series Ass Max Large Anal Plug



A quick butt toy question to ponder: what does your perfect plug look and feel like? Is it big, filling and noticeably weighty? It it silky smooth and firmly squeezable? You could probably see this coming, but the Master Series Ass Max Large Anal Plug checks all of those boxes, and then some!
This giant of a butt plug was definitely designed to challenge people who love a challenge, butt-wise. It’s large, built to stretch and stimulate in a way that is not at all subtle. Tapered at the tip, the Ass Max slips inside relatively easily with some help from your favorite lube. The classic shape immediately swells out, opening you up wide as you pass the largest point, just before the base. That same base is nice and wide, helping protect against any too-deep slips.

In phthalate-free PVC, the 1.07lbb Ass Max is extra easy to clean before and after playtime. Scrub it gently under lots of warm soapy water, or use a great quality toy care fluid/foam. This monster plug is compatible with any favorite water or silicone based lube. Use lots for a smooth, slippery good time.

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