Master Series Dark Rods 3 Piece Penis Plug Set



Presenting a set of three supple silicone urethral plugs designed by the Master Series, the Dark Rods offer up completely unique sensation potential and total customization. Suited to advanced level players, a chosen Dark Rod plug is inserted through the urethra, stimulating deeply.

Each of three flexible Plugs features a distinct shape and length. Choose from smooth, ribbed or a ribbed and bumpy version, depending on experience or desired intensity. Tapered for smooth, comfortable insertion the silky texture can be
easily maneuvered into place. Suited to longer-term wear, each Dark Rod features a hollow body and cum-through tip.

In hygienically superior silicone, each piece can (and should) be fully sterilized before and after use. Boil or use a bleach solution for thorough cleaning, and be sure to use a sterile, one-time use sterile
medical grade lubricant for insertion. On that note,
be sure to follow sterile procedures during cleansing and use.

* The smallest Dark Rod measures 2.4″ (6.1cm) long and .4 inches (1cm) at widest, the medium is 3.3″ (8.3cm) long and .37 (.9cm) at widest, the largest is 3.55″ (9cm) in length and .45″ (1.1cm) at widest

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